About Us

MKO Granite is a for-profit that sells, distributes, and installs of natural and quartz stone products for decorative and functional uses in homes, business, and institutions.

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The driving force behind the way we do business is a sense of ethics, and we pride ourselves on our professionalism in delivering products and services above and beyond the customer’s expectations. Our employees strive to do business based on the rules and regulations of the US, and in accordance to the moral imperatives of public service and social responsibility.
We at MKO Granite commit totally to giving our clients 100% customer satisfaction with our products and services. We do our best to find the ideal balance between quality and price to satisfy the needs and wants of the client, and consider it a basic responsibility. We understand that the company is nothing without its clients, and extend them due importance in everything we undertake.
We employ only the most experienced and skilled people in the industry, and deal only with reliable suppliers using of advanced technologies in producing the stone products we distribute. We firmly stand by the idea that proactively controlling the quality of our products and services from the source is the only way to truly deliver optimal results for our customers.


Our mission is to make you love to go home. Our skilled staff has all the knowledge and experience to give you the products and services our customers expect, and more. We are known for consistent delivery of five-star work for all our customer’s home renovation needs, on schedule, and spot on budget.

We are determined to create function and beauty in your kitchen, bath, and living spaces based on client requirements. We aim to provide our customers with the opportunity to highlight their personal tastes by giving them a team responsive to their needs and skilled in transforming it into workable design-build plans. Clients want to feel comfortable and secure in their home improvement endeavors, as it involves a considerable cost financially and emotionally. Our goal is to provide stress-free and positive experience.

We strive to continuously update our methods of fabrication of natural and engineered stone countertops, so that we can always be on the forefront of the industry. By always improving our methods as systems, we are always ready to meet all challenges that come our way.

Our mission is to unfailingly deliver only the premium quality in natural and quartz stones and exemplary services to our clients. We look to getting it right the first time, every time.


The vision of MKO Granite is to become the premier natural and quartz stone company in the state of Maryland. We see customers completely happy with the service and products they received. We envision happy and productive employees, eager to deliver top-notch customer assistance and service in the interest of meeting client expectations.

We see rapid growth in the productivity and effectiveness of the company in achieving its mission, vision, and goals. We envision our employees treating each project, big or small, with the same enthusiasm, commitment, and passion.

Our value proposition

  • High customer satisfaction
  • Top quality products
  • Excellent workmanship
  • Good employee morale and motivations
  • Sustainable growth
  • Exemplary business partner relationships
  • Good moral and ethical practices


MKO Granite will provide all customers with a FREE estimate at NO Obligation whatsoever.